2019 Season: Deep Space

January 5th, 2019

All Systems Go!

The Metrobots are so excited to kick off our tenth season with this year’s game. Today we dove straight into the game manual, read all of the rules, and began picturing how matches will be played. Figuring out what robots will make alliances helps us develop our strategy.

“Robots don’t win matches, alliances do.” -Cam

Unfortunately, 2019 is not the year of the water game. But that’s okay because we got some cool game pieces anyway! The 13-inch inflatable sphere “cargo” and 19-inch diameter polycarb disks (“hatch panels”) do not even seem like the most challenging aspect of this game. It will surely be interesting to see how teams climb up onto the almost 2 ft tall platform on their side of the field.

Excited to see what strategy and priority list we settle on. Even more excited to see what our robot will look like!

Link to The Game Manual Key: $Robots&in#SPACE!!

Link to Game Video



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