Strategy and Priority Lists

Monday, January 7th, Week 1

In Monopoly, hashing out all the many possibilities for strategic gameplay often turns friends to enemies. However, in FIRST, we keep things mostly civil when determining how our team should proceed with our overall robot strategy. Teamwork really does make the dream work!

A perfect mix of mentors, managers, veterans and rookies. Everyone gets a seat at the table, figuratively.

Today, we asked questions such as: "What holes can we fill on an alliance?" "What will the top-seeded robots look like?" "How long could our cycles be and how many can we do in a match?" "How can we get the most points, most efficiently?"

We find that discussing in groups of people that agree with you is great for thinking through your strategies, however, debating in small groups of people who slightly disagree has even greater benefits as even more points are brought out that complicate both sides. To a certain degree, it is also fun to argue and try to persuade others.

Point breakdown made by one of our students.

In the end, our entire team agreed on a priority list. It looks like this:

  1. Low Hatch
  2. Low Cargo (In rocket and cargo ship)
  3. Level 2 Hab Platform (Climbing)
  4. Medium Hatch
  5. High Hatch
  6. Level 3 Hab Platform (Climbing)

Drivetrain Update

This morning we had a design review for our Flat Field West Coast Drivetrain. It went really well. No updates needed to be made. (Except the bumper backing side panel (shown below), for aesthetics and extra weight saving.)

We love CAD.

After this, part drawings were finalized. DXF files were made and sent to the shopbot to make gussets. Side rails were cut to length. Bolts and material were ordered and organized.

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