Brainstorming and Basic Mechanism Concepts

Tuesday, January 8th, Week 1

Heyo. Today was a bit of a mess, honestly. But, it’s okay because we worked together as a team to clean up the mess. Tomorrow will be much less of a mess.

Here’s what we did: we started off by brainstorming many ideas for mechanisms. I have attached pictures below. We will present more tomorrow and see how our mechanism ideas can be combined or how they can integrate into our robot as a whole. This will bring us to our 30-second robot sketch (will talk more about as we continue).

Another big step we took today was coming up with specific, quantifiable robot requirements. We previously discussed how we are going to play the game in our strategy discussion. Now it was time to move on to how our robot would execute our strategy.

We decided 14 cycles would be ideal in a match (giving us 8.5 seconds per cycle). Realistically narrowing that down to 9-10 seconds per cycle, we then made calculations based on how far we would have to drive between the cargo ship/rocket and feeder station. Deeper than this, the breakdown can be shown on the right in green or middle in black.

Drivetrain Update

Quick update: lots of fabrication…some assembly…

  • 3/4 Rails are cut and milled, missing one side rail (shown in picture)
  • 2/4 Churro gearbox supports are cut
  • 4/4 Hex shafts are cut to length
  • Currently printing PLA spacers for our wheel assemblies (will have Nylon for final robot)
  • 8/8 Corner gussets are cut out and filed.
  • 2/2 Side bumper plates are currently on the shopbot and will be finished first thing tomorrow.
  • Wheel assemblies were started. Hubs were bolted onto wheels.
Thankful for our fantastic coach, who loves us enough to mill so many holes!

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