Proof of Concepts and Strategy Meeting

Wednesday, January 9th, Week 1

A whole lot of somewhat-chaotic brainstorming and concepts that need to be proved.

We will continue to talk about full robot design in the next two days. However, many ideas are floating around. Images are provided of what we designed to prove various concepts.

Above shows a proof of concept with Velcro (hook and loop tape) on both wood blocks to “intake” the hatch panels and a piston that pushes out to deploy them. This worked pretty well. Here’s a video:

This is a work in progress proof of concept that utilizes small wheels that can fit inside the hole of the hatch panel and possibly “intake” it.

Here is a sample cargo proof of concept. We are thinking of a couple possibilities for combining both the cargo and the hatch. For example, we could have actuating intake “arms” that retract back into the robot when not in use.

Our third hatch panel proof of concept is basically a piston that can go through the center hole in the hatch and, once expanded all the way, has “fingers” that keep the disk from falling off. This one is a work in progress for now.


We learned that shopbotting the side bumper plates is very difficult because for each triangle hole, you must screw it down so it doesn’t go flying. This takes up A LOT of time. We will try to find a different method or design next time.

Some Assembly Required

Strategy Meeting

Main things we learned:

  • Of every team we spoke to, they plan on doing low hatch and low cargo. Except one that was going to try to do everything.
  • A good amount of teams are choosing a mechanum drive, expecting no defense to be played against them.
  • Many teams are currently prototyping using velcro on their hatch mechanism.

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