30 Second Robot Sketch

Thursday, January 10, Week 1

With the end of week 1 looming on the horizon, we have a well thought out strategy, priority list, mostly complete proof of concept projects, and a couple of ideas for what our robot could look like.

The next step was to think through the ideas that have been floating around. The three main overall concepts we came up with were: elevator (linear lift), arm, and a chute (rigid mechanisms, the cargo goes in one side and comes out the other).

After a long discussion, an arm was chosen. (note the possibility of “assisted yeet”)

With the arm concept, similar to what we did last year, it will be mounted in the center of our robot and will have a hatch/cargo combo mechanism on the end. In the next couple days, we will continue to prototype hatch/cargo mechanisms while also begin designing and doing calculations for our gearboxes and dimensions and such.

Here is one example of what our intake could look like on the end of the arm. The wheels to intake cargo, the velcro to intake hatch panels, and a piston to eject both game elements.

Drivetrain Update

Mostly assembled! The last side rail was finished and the frame was put together. We had a slight issue with bigger clearance holes where they were supposed to be much smaller but we were able to work around it. The spacers were 3D printed overnight (thanks Drew) and wheel assemblies were completed with bearing blocks and all. All that remains is the side bumper panels.

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