CAD, CAD, and more CAD

Tuesday, January 15 and Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday, January 17, Week 2


Working overtime to try to crank out a CAD for our arm.

On Wednesday night, we had a design review for the arm. The main points we got out of it were:

  • Should move main gearbox lower to lower our center of gravity
  • Should spread the triangles to
  • Support bearings better
  • Get rid of bottom 1×1 tubings because they are not doing much, and mount directly to robot chassis
  • Figure out how to tension the chain


Intake prototyping is going very well. Currently, we have 2 main designs.

  1. Only top rollers with ramps underneath. Hatch velcro above it. Can only intake on one side. Seen below.
  2. Pistons push intake arms out to increase size to use velcro wheels to intake and place hatch panels. CAD seen below.
Intake Prototype #1

Videos for intake prototype #1:

Intake Prototype #2: Version 1
Intake Prototype #2: Version 2 – will also have a small piston to push the intake arms out a couple of inches


The climber group has been working on determining which pistons to use and how to mount them. We are thinking that they will go between the wheel wells.

The first version of a prototype.

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