Preliminary Design Reviews

Saturday, January 19, Week 2

Snow storm? Nah.

Climber Design Review

We pretty much only have one design for climber and that is the double piston design.

Showing our concept sketches to prove dimensions and geometry will work out!

Main points from the climber design review:

  • Can we tie the shoulders that hold the pistons to another structure on the robot?
  • Need to fix (filet) the shoulder gusset plates (look like rocket ships) so that the shopbot can make them
  • Which pistons to order?
  • What is the angle the roller ball bearing will hit the ground?
Robot CAD with only piston assemblies on.

Intake Design Review

As I have stated a couple times before, our intake subassembly group has two different prototype designs. The purpose of the preliminary design review is not to chose between the two designs but to gauge how the prototype design is going. They end up being a really good discussion between students and mentors about all of the possibilities and possible problems with our mechanisms.

The two main intake prototypes we have are going very well. A little bit more testing needs to be done on “Mr. Rightside”, the mechanism is only a top roller and scoop so it can only intake from the right side, hence the name. For the intake that expands, or flips out, to fit the dimensions of a hatch panel, the prototype CAD is finished except for a couple of mounting holes and gearbox placement. This just needs to be built and tested in the next week so that it can be compared with “Mr. Rightside” at next Saturday’s design reviews.

Another proof of concept for to intake hatch panels:

Current CAD for the “flipping” prototype:

Arm Design Review

The previous arm design review left us with a lot of tasks and things to redesign. The main ones being the A frame structure and the placement of the gearbox. We have since moved the gearbox to the bottom corner of the A-Frame and we have taken out the bottom 1×1’s and added in new polycarb gussets as well as a 3D printed top gusset.

Things we need to do going forward:

  • Chain tensioner
  • Arm and sprocket spacing
  • A way to support the gearbox motors
  • Bill of materials
  • Refine polycarb and mounting
  • Fix gearbox and tubing interference
  • Heat sinks

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