New Intake Prototype and Changes to Arm CAD

Monday, January 21, Week 3


After making slight modifications to the intake prototype CAD, we began cutting out polycarbonate pieces on the shopbot. We will have to find a new method of cutting them out for the final mechanism because the shopbot sort of melted the pieces and created a very jagged cut.

For this group, the next couple of days will be finishing fabrication, assembly, and testing for this prototype.


Preparing for final design review before assembly.

Our main things to do today were the hardstops and the chain tensioner. There were also many little CAD issues that needed to be fixed.

New 1×1 in middle of A-Frame acts as both a support and as a mounting bar for our hard stops. The position on A-Frame was calculated based on the angle the arm needs to be to intake cargo from the ground.

There are still a couple things we need to do and design (motor supports, intake mounting holes, fixing some interferences in the CAD, etc). Despite this, we sent in an order to VexPro and should be able to start fabrication of some of our plates tomorrow!


The CAD team got polycarb dimensions and drawings to our electrical subgroup today! Our electrical team has now begun working on a rough placement of our components. We are thinking of putting most of the board on the outside of the larger triangle (Dorito #1 in the picture below) of the arm’s A-Frame and if there is not enough space, we will put motor controllers on the other, slightly smaller, triangle (Dorito #2 in picture).

The battery will probably go in the center of the robot so that it can be supported by our 1″ x 1/2″ bars under the robot.


No updates for today.


We have a rocket now! And a hatch panel loading station (not shown).

Velcro: missing.

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