Drawing Files and Intake Assembly

Tuesday, January 22 and Wednesday, January 23, Week 3


On Tuesday, we finished up some parts for the final drivetrain. We cut out the gearbox gussets on the shopbot, and milled the siderails. A

Pretty plates, pretty parts

We had an issue with the shopbot undercutting our bearing holes so we spent a lot of time adapting to make the sizing correct.

Also, we realized that we did not get shifter shafts for our shifting gearboxes in our last VexPro order so we decided to order new ones that we would have to assemble ourselves (the others were out of stock). We will have to wait to finish the drivetrain until next week.


On both Tuesday and Wednesday we worked on the chain tensioner for the arm. We have a cool idea to 3D print a “floating” sprocket with a bearing inside of it so that it can freely spin on a bolt. The plan is to have a slot on the gearbox plate where we can move the bearing sprocket up and down depending on where we need more tension.

We also added holes on the end of the arm to mount the intake.

On Wednesday we cranked out a lot of drawing files for each piece of aluminum tubing on the arm. Below are some of them.

We also made a bunch of parts on the Shopbot.

Check out our new code organizational system!
Some parts for the arm.


Our intake subassembly was busy assembling their second prototype.


Without the piston mechanism, this group tied together the two sides so that it would not expand when testing ball intake.

We also tested an “arrowhead” hatch intake design on Wednesday.

This design is flexible enough that it slides into the center of the hatch panel very easily, making lineup times much quicker.


The climber group updated their CAD with small edits to the support plates.

One of the climber plates.


We finished the kit bot and got it running!

We also 3D printed Deep Space themed battery plugs!

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