Climber Fabrication and Arm Assembly

Monday, January 28, Week 4

Week 4!?!?! This is where things start to get a little crazy.

Arm: Fabricated the second triangle gearbox plate.

They look so nice thanks to our professionals (freshman) who deburred and sanded for like 2 hours!

We also spent time figuring out which lengths of #10 bolts to order. (Something that should have been done before the design review, but it is okay. We are now slightly behind schedule.)

Finally, we cut down the shaft of a Mini Cim motor with a hacksaw so that we would not have to use the Versa Planetary Base. Doing it this way saves us about an inch of space! After this, we assembled one whole Cim and VersaPlanetary. Note: we are using one 7:1 stage on each of our motors before they enter the final 7:1 stage.

Intake: Worked on some designs for hatch prototype mechanisms. Also finished up CAD for the practice cargo mechanism.

We will shopbot the polycarb pieces tomorrow.


Milling support bars for the climber pistons. We love drawing files.

We also fabricated 2 out of our 4 plates.

Drivetrain: We got our VexPro shipment in! So that means….shifter shaft assembly. Today we took the gearboxes off of our practice robot and disassembled them to get the proper shifter shafts for our final robot. We will replace with the ones we have to assemble. We also had to tighten and lock tight a couple of the bolts in the practice gearboxes.

Check out our mess!

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