New “Brush” Hatch Panel Intake and Arm Gearbox Assembly

Tuesday, January 29, Week 4

Intake: Cut out our polycarb pieces on the shopbot!

We also assembled the two “tusks”, which I did not get a picture of.

Our intake group also thought through the main hatch mechanism prototypes and came up with a very clever new idea. The took a piece of wood and attached brushes to it!

It worked really well! Here are videos!

Arm: Cut the other two Mini Cim shafts, assembled the Versa Planetaries, and mounted the motors to our gearbox plate. We will connect everything tomorrow. So far, things are going very well!

Basically a custom gearbox.

Climber: Fabricated the rest of the plates on the shopbot (insert picture).

Also did some in-CAD Finite Element Analysis stress testing with our plates. We are very unsure about if we should use 1/16th or 1/8th inch and if lightening holes are necessary.

1/16″ gussets 100 lbforce
1/8″ gussets 100 lbforce
1/16 gussets 60 lbforce sideways

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