Electrical Shenanigans and Practice Mechanism Assembly

Thursday, January 31, Week 4

Sadly, we did not have practice yesterday due to the extreme cold. Though we will have practice tomorrow (Friday) to make up for it!

Arm: We assembled most of the gearbox as well as the right and left sides of the superstructure assembly.

We still need to tighten the motors on and bolt on the rest of the nubs to mount to the drivetrain.

After putting most of the arm together we are wondering if we would be able to go with 1/16th-inch 1×1 tubing for the superstructure. It seems slightly overbuilt as it is and it would be good if we could cut down on a little bit of weight. We will reassess once everything gets on the practice robot and tested.

Intake: Today, our intake team finished assembling their cargo practice mechanism. There are quite a few minor changes to be made in the CAD,

They tested it out and it works well! We also found that at 90 degrees from vertical (straight out), our intake should be able to intake cargo. Having our arm only go 180 degrees is really good for our programming team and helps us keep things consistent.

The intake group is also working on CAD’s for the “baby shark” hatch mechanism, which is basically a claw that grabs on to the outside and inside hole of the panel. This would be mounted above our cargo mechanism so that when we flip the arm, it is on the bottom and can still grab the bottom half of a hatch panel.

Update on the brush hatch proof of concept from Tuesday: we tested it a couple more times today and it was very inconsistent and eventually “wore out” and stopped working. Cool concept though!

Drivetrain: Finished the gearboxes today. Seemed to be a slight issue with the plates but we will determine the problem tomorrow.

Electrical: Today, as a CAD team, we worked a lot with our electrical team to organize and mount all of our electronic components in the CAD. This is very important because we need to make holes in our superstructure polycarb on the final.

Right Side
Left Side on Arm Super Structure

We will also have a kill switch and 3 or 4 solenoids that lay on the belly pan. The air tanks are still planned to mount between the pieces of polycarb. We will CAD all of those in tomorrow, with holes for mounting.

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