Climber Fabrication and Arm Assembly

Monday, January 28, Week 4 Week 4!?!?! This is where things start to get a little crazy. Arm: Fabricated the second triangle gearbox plate. They look so nice thanks to our professionals (freshman) who deburred and sanded for like 2 hours! We also spent time figuring out which lengths of #10 bolts to order. (Something... Continue Reading →

Brainstorming and Basic Mechanism Concepts

Tuesday, January 8th, Week 1 Heyo. Today was a bit of a mess, honestly. But, it's okay because we worked together as a team to clean up the mess. Tomorrow will be much less of a mess. Here's what we did: we started off by brainstorming many ideas for mechanisms. I have attached pictures below.... Continue Reading →

Strategy and Priority Lists

Monday, January 7th, Week 1 In Monopoly, hashing out all the many possibilities for strategic gameplay often turns friends to enemies. However, in FIRST, we keep things mostly civil when determining how our team should proceed with our overall robot strategy. Teamwork really does make the dream work! A perfect mix of mentors, managers, veterans... Continue Reading →

Designing The Drivetrain

January 6th, 2019 Sunday, Week 0 An unofficial meeting. A couple of students got together to think through things like wheel types, spacing, frame dimensions, and bumper mounting. Because we knew we would base our drivetrain off of one we designed in the preseason, making modifications to the CAD was very simple. We started off... Continue Reading →

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