Electrical Shenanigans and Practice Mechanism Assembly

Thursday, January 31, Week 4 Sadly, we did not have practice yesterday due to the extreme cold. Though we will have practice tomorrow (Friday) to make up for it! Arm: We assembled most of the gearbox as well as the right and left sides of the superstructure assembly. We still need to tighten the motors on and bolt on... Continue Reading →

New “Brush” Hatch Panel Intake and Arm Gearbox Assembly

Tuesday, January 29, Week 4 Intake: Cut out our polycarb pieces on the shopbot! We also assembled the two "tusks", which I did not get a picture of. Our intake group also thought through the main hatch mechanism prototypes and came up with a very clever new idea. The took a piece of wood and... Continue Reading →

Climber Fabrication and Arm Assembly

Monday, January 28, Week 4 Week 4!?!?! This is where things start to get a little crazy. Arm: Fabricated the second triangle gearbox plate. They look so nice thanks to our professionals (freshman) who deburred and sanded for like 2 hours! We also spent time figuring out which lengths of #10 bolts to order. (Something... Continue Reading →

Final Intake Design Review and Arm Assembly

Saturday, January 26, Week 3 Intake Design review notes: Both prototypes had good cargo intakes. We learned Velcro is very unreliable and we will probably need a new hatch mechanism.We are not sure which hatch mechanism to go with but the current options are: arrowhead, a claw/grabber (not yet prototyped), and a piston type grabber.... Continue Reading →

Drawing Files and Intake Assembly

Tuesday, January 22 and Wednesday, January 23, Week 3 Drivetrain On Tuesday, we finished up some parts for the final drivetrain. We cut out the gearbox gussets on the shopbot, and milled the siderails. A Pretty plates, pretty parts We had an issue with the shopbot undercutting our bearing holes so we spent a lot... Continue Reading →

Preliminary Design Reviews

Saturday, January 19, Week 2 Snow storm? Nah. Climber Design Review We pretty much only have one design for climber and that is the double piston design. Showing our concept sketches to prove dimensions and geometry will work out! Main points from the climber design review: Can we tie the shoulders that hold the pistons to... Continue Reading →

CAD, CAD, and more CAD

Tuesday, January 15 and Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday, January 17, Week 2 Arm Working overtime to try to crank out a CAD for our arm. On Wednesday night, we had a design review for the arm. The main points we got out of it were: Should move main gearbox lower to lower our center... Continue Reading →

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