First Intake Prototype and Designing The Arm

Monday, January 14, Week 2 Concept sketches galore. The arm and intake groups worked pretty closely today as we are all doing lots of CAD. The drivetrain group did not make any changes. Picture of our To Do list for today Intake Concept Sketch For A Double "Hood" Intake, Possible Dual Side Idea Concept Sketch... Continue Reading →

Splitting Into Subassemblies

Saturday, January 12th, Week 1 We split everyone up based on the three main mechanisms: Arm, Intake (including hatch and cargo), and Climb. The drivetrain still has a subgroup but does not have any official members. Drivetrain The bellypan and 1"x0.5" support bars were added to mount the battery box. An electrical panel was put... Continue Reading →

30 Second Robot Sketch

Thursday, January 10, Week 1 With the end of week 1 looming on the horizon, we have a well thought out strategy, priority list, mostly complete proof of concept projects, and a couple of ideas for what our robot could look like. The next step was to think through the ideas that have been floating... Continue Reading →

Proof of Concepts and Strategy Meeting

Wednesday, January 9th, Week 1 A whole lot of somewhat-chaotic brainstorming and concepts that need to be proved. We will continue to talk about full robot design in the next two days. However, many ideas are floating around. Images are provided of what we designed to prove various concepts. Above shows a proof of concept... Continue Reading →

Strategy and Priority Lists

Monday, January 7th, Week 1 In Monopoly, hashing out all the many possibilities for strategic gameplay often turns friends to enemies. However, in FIRST, we keep things mostly civil when determining how our team should proceed with our overall robot strategy. Teamwork really does make the dream work! A perfect mix of mentors, managers, veterans... Continue Reading →

Designing The Drivetrain

January 6th, 2019 Sunday, Week 0 An unofficial meeting. A couple of students got together to think through things like wheel types, spacing, frame dimensions, and bumper mounting. Because we knew we would base our drivetrain off of one we designed in the preseason, making modifications to the CAD was very simple. We started off... Continue Reading →

2019 Season: Deep Space

January 5th, 2019 All Systems Go! The Metrobots are so excited to kick off our tenth season with this year's game. Today we dove straight into the game manual, read all of the rules, and began picturing how matches will be played. Figuring out what robots will make alliances helps us develop our strategy. "Robots... Continue Reading →

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